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Member Poll: GDPR – A Positive Change

79% of financial marketers consider new data protection regulation as a positive change

In a survey sent to 1,800 members yesterday (22 May 2018), The Financial Services Forum found that most marke...

Digital & Direct Marketing

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Will Digital Transformation Break Consumer Inertia?

Financial technology (fintech) is revolutionising the banking and financial services industry. British fintech firms attracted $1.8 billion in venture capital investment in 2017, up more than 150% com...

Fintech, Retail Banking

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Does your firm have a culture of communication?

Clients of the star fund manager Neil Woodford should expect to hear more from him. He is responding to period of under performance by pledging to communicate more. I’ve been a client of his for a f...

Corporate Communications

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Getting Emotional in Digital Advertising

Why you should focus on the future, but stay creative.

Over the past few years, Programmatic Advertising – that’s digital ads backed by a sprinkling of AI – has shaken up the way brands targe...

Digital & Direct Marketing

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Every Asset Manager has a Story to Tell. What’s Yours?

Engaging financial advisers and intermediaries with great writing.

The growth of digital communication across websites, blogs and social media has handed users immense power: The power to ignore an...

Asset Management, Brand Strategy, Digital & Direct Marketing

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Language in Financial Services

“The problem is we try to unravel the Mighty Infinite using a language which was designed to tell one another where the fresh fruit was” Terry Pratchett

Fine, I’ll admit it. Most financial se...

Corporate Communications, Digital & Direct Marketing

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