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In the World Economic Forum report ‘The Future of Jobs’ published in 2016, it was predicted that by 2020, the three most important individual skills for workers will be:

1 Complex problem solving
2 Critical thinking
3 Creativity

To quote from the Report, “Change won’t wait for us: business leaders, educators and governments all need to be proactive in up-skilling and retraining people so everyone can benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Business often seems to be obsessed by money and process. Yet all change, growth and progress come from people and their ideas.

Ideas are the world’s most valuable commodity. Ideas are essential for identifying and realising opportunities, and solving problems. Ideas are the source of innovation and invention. Ideas are what we rely on to communicate, to persuade, and to influence behaviour. Ability with ideas will increasingly become the crucial ingredient in personal success as well as corporately.

Everyone wants to realise their full potential, and David Wethey, the author of  THE VERY IDEA! will talk through how companies can liberate their people to play a more creative role.

David Wethey

David Wethey


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