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Residential Property Outlook

We recently looked at the London market, two years on from our last focus on the Metropolis. How has it changed since 2015? With London split into a number of particular local environments each with i...


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In Search of Quality Search

Why do leading investment banks hide away their talents and capabilities online?

In our latest Living Ratings analysis of the digital intelligence of investment banks, a whopping 85% of the banks w...

Asset Management, Corporate and Investment Banking

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Events Calendar January-March 2018

I’m delighted to welcome you to The Forum’s latest events, seminars and conferences, through to the end of March 2018. Please take a few moments to look through and fix dates in your diary.


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Draining the Brand Development Swamp: Event Summary

Why is branding becoming so much more complex? How can it be simplified?

At the FSF panel event on Tuesday 28th November, participants gathered to hear three speakers address the topic of creating ...

Brand Strategy

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FCA Market Study: Event Summary

What does the FCA have in mind for asset managers?

César Ritz is famous not only for the chain of hotels that bears his name but also for his slogan of “le client n'a jamais tort”, which effec...

Asset Management

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Is Your Brand Fit for the Future?

It is no longer possible for brands to rely on awareness, familiarity and equity to achieve future success. Nowadays, brands must think of the customer relationship, how it listens, answers, engages, ...

Brand Strategy

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