Membership Types

Executive Membership of The Financial Services Forum is available only to senior management, usually of Director status, within financial services companies. The individual will usually oversee marketing strategy, have control of a marketing budget and leadership of a marketing department.

Associate Membership of The Financial Services Forum is available only to individuals within financial services companies, usually of managerial status. The manager will usually be responsible for the implementation of marketing strategy, have control of a budget and be looking for career progression within financial services.

Practitioner Membership is available to agencies and consultancies from across all marketing and communications disciplines. Practitioner Membership allows the organisation to name two Practitioner Members.

Global Membership (Online Membership) is available to any individual interested in financial services marketing.

Event Attendance

All events (excluding the Annual Members’ Dinner & Awards) are free for our Members to attend – assuming the event is open to their particular level of membership.

From time-to-time, The Financial Services Forum will offer delegate places at a one-off delegate fee. However, restrictions will apply to the number of places made available to non-Members, and restrictions may apply to the seniority of delegates and their organisation type.

We do not charge for event cancellations. However, we do request that all attendees inform us as soon as possible should they no longer be able to attend an event.

Guests and Alternates

We appreciate that Executive Members will be unable to attend all our scheduled events or may feel a colleague is better placed to take advantage of a particular topic. To offer some flexibility on how to use membership, there are membership packages that allow Executive Members to send a colleague in their place, or to bring a guest. These guests or alternates must be named Members.

Both Corporate Membership and Team Membership Packages allow the Executive Member to send their named Associate Members as an alternate in their place, or to join them at the event as their guest.

Some events are restricted to Executive Members only. No guests or alternates are allowed to attend these events without agreement from The Financial Services Forum.

All guests or alternates must be a senior representative, who will be able to contribute to the debate and engage with other Members.

All guests or alternates must be Associate Members. If the Executive Member has already named their allocation of Associate Members, they do have the option to add additional Associate Members during their subscription year, at additional cost. The Financial Services Forum does not offer a discount per part-year.

The total number of guest or alternate places is restricted to each Executive Member to 30 per annum.

Associate Membership does not offer the option to send alternates, or bring guests, to events.

Members are welcome to request additional guest places. However, The Financial Services Forum reserves the right to refuse attendance, depending on the event topic and venue capacity.

Each named Practitioner Member has the opportunity to send one senior replacement to each event.

The Financial Services Forum reserves the right to invite guests to the events.

Knowledge Centre Access

All Members will be provided with access to our online Knowledge Centre archive.

We request that Members do not forward this password to their colleagues. If a Member would like a colleague to research a topic on their behalf, they can access to material via their own Online Membership.

Speakers at events have given us their consent to make their presentation available via our Knowledge Centre, on the understanding that if you wish to cut and paste a slide into one of your own presentations, you always attribute them as the source.

Calendar of Events

The Financial Services Forum holds over 50 events per annum. Some events are restricted to certain types of membership level. In general, all sector-specific event, such as Asset Management and Mortgages, are restricted to Executive Members only. All discipline-specific events, such as Corporate Communication, are restricted to Associate and Executive Members only.

All events available to Practitioner Members are open to Associate and Executive Members.

All Executive Summits are by invitation only. Executive Membership is does not guarantee a place at these events.

There is an additional charge to attend The Financial Services Forum Annual Members’ Dinner and Awards. This cost is not included in the annual membership subscription fee.

Corporate and Team Membership Packages

The Financial Services Forum allows multiple memberships to be purchased at a discount via Corporate and Team Membership packages.

To be eligible, those selected for a Corporate or Team package must be from the same company (or brand) and from one location.

Only Executive Members in those package deals will receive personal email invitations to Executive-level events. Their named Associate Members will only receive personal invitations to Associate Members events.

We appreciate changes may be required during a membership year. One change to the allocation of an Associate Member will be made free of charge per annum.

For further information on the allocation of event places in Corporate and Team packages, please see “Guests and Alternates” above.

The Financial Services Forum has the option to refuse certain membership package discounts where it feels the company is trying gain an unreasonable advantage by allocating Associate Memberships to senior-level individuals.


Practitioner Members are invited to suggest webcast content, self-recorded on The Financial Services Forum’s BrightTALK channel for distribution on The Forum’s Knowledge Centre.

Webcasts will be limited to one webcast per agency per year. As with all editorial content, any material should focus on thought-leadership, rather than sales promotion. The Forum has the right to remove any material that it feels has a sales-led focus, rather than insight or thought-leadership.

Consultancy Register

The Forum allows agencies and consultants to list company information on the Consultancy Register. Sponsors and Practitioner Members are provided with an enhanced listing, showing additional contact information. Online Members are provided with a basic listing.

Online Members are entitled to a basic listing on the Consultancy Register for their organisation. However, each company is restricted to a maximum of one listing per category.

The Consultancy Register content is available to view online. Sponsors and Practitioner Members are also published in printed format in each issue of Argent.

The Forum can ask each company listing to restrict the total word count to a maximum of 200 words. Argent listings may be reduced further.

Membership fees

All membership fees are invoiced annually in advance.

All Members are reminded of their expiry date six weeks in advance of their membership expiry date. An invoice is sent four weeks before renewal the renewal date.

Our Privacy Policy

The Financial Services Forum believes it is very important to respect the privacy of individuals, and to make only safe and ethical use of the information that is provided through electronic channels.

Where we collect information we are doing so in order to offer you better services, both on the website and in the rest of our operations.
If any of the information we hold about you is inaccurate we will do our best to correct it quickly once you notify us. If you are a Member, you can update your contact details yourself online.

Some of the information you give will be held in a database: we will ensure that this is secure and can only be accessed by authorised people.

Our website staff are fully trained in the privacy policy and are aware that ensuring it is fully implemented is an important part of their jobs.

The implementation of the privacy policy is directly supervised by a senior director at The Forum.

The information we collect and how we use it

We do not collect any financial information on this website.

We may ask you to complete surveys or questionnaires on the website from time to time. These will always be voluntary, but we may use the information from them to personalise the web site and to target marketing to relevant users.

We will ask you for your email address. The majority of Member communications are made via email. You can delete or change your email address at any time or unsubscribe to particular types of email.

The website offers you the opportunity to change your preferences about which industry sectors you would like to receive communications about. To change preferences, login and select 'My Forum” from the top horizontal menu.

Who will have access to the information?

Any information you give will only be available to The Forum.

No information about you or your use of the site will be made available to any other organisation without your consent.

We may disclose personal data in order to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.

Information you give in response to surveys and questionnaires on the website will be used to help determine policy and to help improve its services to members.

We may follow up some survey responses by phone or email.

The website compiles user profiles automatically to help us improve the content, design and performance of the site. These profiles will be used only for this purpose and will not be released to any other organisation.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small files stored in your computer’s hard drive by your web browser. Every visitor to the website receives a cookie. When you log in to the site our computer server will access these cookies so that it can recognise your computer, and make using the site easier for you.

Cookies allow us to remember your username and password to save you having to retype it every time you log in. They enable us to measure and analyse general visitor information.
They also enable us to track what pages and facilities on this site that you visit so that we can build up a profile of your interests and needs to target marketing and information to your needs.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but you can alter your settings so you are prompted every time a cookie is sent to you. You can also choose not to receive cookies at all. However, please note that if you have ‘disabled’ cookies in your browser this way you may not be able to use certain features on this Website.

Other web sites

The website and Forum emails may contain links to other websites. The Forum is not responsible for the privacy policies, content or practices of these sites.

Data Protection

This privacy statement forms part of the Forum’s commitment to the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Queries and concerns

Should you have any questions or concerns about this policy or the way we operate it, please feel to contact:
Richard Nolan, Operations Director
020 3657 9892