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Argent, the journal of The Financial Services Forum, is required reading for senior executives in financial services. It features thoughtful, informed articles written by leading academics, marketing practitioners and communications experts from around the world.

It also delves into the strategy driving your colleagues and contemporaries, as well as providing high quality research studies, all designed to develop the understanding and practice of strategic marketing within the industry.

Each issue contains an important interview with an individual who has had, or is having, a major impact upon financial services.

Our latest issue

The law of attraction - loyalty that lasts

Read articles from this issue:

Interview: Post Office CMO Peter Markey talks to The Forum

Sixty Seconds: Forum Members share their views on loyalty

Case Study: AVIVA rebrands its loyalty programme

Consumer Behaviour: Is human contact on the rise again?

Sponsor for Success: Santander rolls out its latest campaign

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